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  • It has been a sincere pleasure to do business with Rogue Real Estate of Ashland. The team was always kind, had exceptional customer service, and promptly addressed all situations with clear communication. Having rented with Rogue Real Estate, I felt like I was treated with respect and fairness. Thanks so much!

    Rosey Briar
  • We rented our home in Ashland through Rogue Real Estate, From the first contact, they were professional, pleasant, and always able to answer questions clearly. Some complications came up in our rental, and they handled everything flawlessly. They are superb and I recommend them without reservation.

  • Rogue Real Estate manages a good variety of quality built homes for rent. We were lucky to find a home that actually exceeded our needs. Management was responsive when repairs/maintenance was needed, and the handyman is a great guy! After we moved out, there was a problem with inspection, but after clarifying with management, it was resolved 100% to our satisfaction. I can easily recommend renting your next home from Rogue Real Estate!

  • I recently moved to central Oregon and rented a home from Rogue. Josh and Paula have been very personable, helpful, and pleasant to work with and Paula has consistently gone out of her way to take care of me. The house was the cleanest rental home I have ever moved in to and I was beyond grateful for that, what a joy to not have to clean the house I’m moving in to! Unfortunately, the owner has decided to sell my rental home and I’ll have to move but Paula notified me promptly and is working with me to find another rental. I hope I’ll be able to find a Rogue managed property so I know I’ll be well cared for.