5 Maintenance Tips for Your Rental Properties

Rental properties require continuous investment, for example, regular maintenance. If you work with a property manager, regular inspection/maintenance of your property is just one of his or her many responsibilities.

Many landlords avoid maintenance to cut costs without knowing the repercussions. Doing so will take away a large percentage of their future rental income.

Successful rental property owners have a proactive mindset. They acknowledge problems before they potentially become disasters. (more…)

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How to Fill Rental Property Vacancies with Tenants Quickly

Every landlord dreads the thought of having a vacant rental property. Rightfully so, a vacant property can easily cost you thousands of dollars in potential income, seriously damaging your bottom line.

Besides the lost rent, you also have to look elsewhere to pay for property expenses such as mortgage costs, property taxes, and the costs of marketing the property all over again.

Keeping vacancies to a minimum is essential.

If you have been a landlord for a while, then you know that getting a good tenant isn’t necessarily that easy.

You need to do two things to be successful in the competitive world of rental properties:

A) Find a tenant of the right caliber.

B) Find such tenants quickly in order to fill your vacancies in the shortest time possible.

In this blog, you are going to learn 3 tips on how you can achieve these two crucial things quickly. (more…)

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