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Why Hire Us?

Oregon and Southwest Washington Real Estate Sales & Property Management Company for Residential & Commercial

Is your rental property wearing you down?

Are you having trouble balancing your personal life, work, and property management responsibilities?

If so, you need a reputable property management company like Rogue Real Estate Sales & Property Management to help you!

We serve Medford and Ashland in Southern Oregon, have offices in Bend and Redmond to serve Central Oregon, a Roseburg area office, and an office in Vancouver to serve the Portland/Vancouver area. Wherever you are, we can help you manage your rental property.

Our management team has a combined experience of over 75 years in the property management and real estate industries. Our years of industry-specific experience and wide array of processes and procedures shield our owners from unnecessary liability and help tenants feel they are being well looked after.

Why Hire Rogue Real Estate to Manage Your Rental Properties?

    • Honest & Trustworthy… You can count on us.
    • Thorough Tenant Screening… Protect your investment.
    • Regular Property Inspections… Others claim they inspect, we actually do it!
    • Excellent Customer Service… We actually answer our phones!
    • Experienced & Knowledgeable Local Staff… We know our market!
    • In-House Maintenance Company… Saves you time and money.
    • Detailed Reporting & Statements… Knowledge and information on demand.
    • Online Owner & Tenant Portals… 24/7 access to info and services.

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Rogue Real Estate has five offices in Oregon including: Medford, Ashland, Roseburg, Bend & Redmond and an office in Vancouver, Washington supporting the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area.

We take pride in the fact that we are an industry leader in property management in Oregon and Southwest Washington. We offer our clients honest, professional, and reputable management services at competitive prices.

Moreover, we have the knowledge, skills, workforce, and collaborative network needed to maximize your property’s return on investment. That means that we’ll help you to earn more from your rental property without affecting the quality of service you and your tenants deserve.

Rogue Real Estate & Property Management offers you comprehensive and all-inclusive service packages. We can make sure that every aspect of your investment property is well cared for.

With us at your service, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in safe hands. Our team will always work hard to ensure you achieve your goals and hit your investment targets. Explore the benefits of our property management services.

Benefits of Working with Rogue Real Estate

1. We help you to establish ideal rental prices.

Do you know that proper rent pricing can greatly affect your investment’s success? The rental price has to be ideal depending on a number of factors including market trends, demand, neighborhood averages, and the property itself: location, size and amenities.

That means that you can’t just come up with a number without doing proper research. However, if you hire us, we will take care of that research for you. We’ve been managing rental properties since 2002.

2. We help you to fill up vacancies quickly.

Vacancies always count as losses for landlords. That’s why you need to make sure you minimize your vacancies. If you are experiencing difficulty filling your empty units, Rogue Real Estate Sales & Property Management is here to help.

How? Through aggressive marketing and proper tenant screening. We have what it takes to get the job done. We’ll advertise your vacancy in the country’s top real estate websites to maximize our reach.

During the screening process, we leave no stone unturned because we want you to get the best tenants. And since we have the workforce, we process tenant applications quickly and diligently.

3. We get you the best tenants for your property.

Let’s face it. Finding good, responsible, and punctual tenants is never an easy task. And it gets even harder if you have a ton of applications to sift through. Without sufficient skills, knowledge, and experience, you are bound to make a few mistakes in your screening process; some of which can be costly.

Therefore, instead of trying your luck with this, why not hire us to do that for you. We know critical things like:

  • How to match properties and tenants to meet their needs.
  • What questions to ask.
  • And how to verify the information provided by the tenant.

We understand the value of a good long-term tenant. And that’s why you can count on us to be thorough, strict, and professional when screening prospects. We will also monitor your tenant’s compliance with their rental agreement and process terminations and evictions when necessary.

4. We make sure your property is legally compliant.

Legal compliance is a critical part of any rental business. Failing to abide by the law can have serious repercussions including lawsuits, hefty fines, and even the closure of your rental business.

Learning and staying up to date with landlord-tenant laws and regulations in Oregon and Washington can be a bit overwhelming. And that’s where we come in. We know all local, state and federal laws regarding rental properties. We ensure that your investment operates within legal boundaries.

5. We take good care of your property.

If you lead a busy life, it’s very easy to lose track of some things including the management of your rental property; a fact that can cost you a few good tenants or reduce your property’s value. You don’t want that, do you?

If not, Rogue Real Estate & Property Management is your solution. Managing rental properties is what we do, and we are impressively good at it. We’ll give your property and tenants all the attention needed to ensure the property is always in good shape; tenants are always happy.

6. We simplify your rent collection process.

Rent collection is probably the most important and hardest aspect of real estate investment. Sometimes, collections can be a challenge and an inconvenience. Let us help you.

We not only offer you rent collection automation but also convenience and reliability. We provide a variety of rent collection options that tenants can use to make rental payments. After payment, we deposit the funds straight into your bank account. We handle the hard tasks for you, to ensure your experience is hassle-free.

7. We offer you real-time access to financial records.

Regardless of the time or place, you can easily access your financial data through our easy-to-use portal. That way you can monitor your property’s growth curve.

In summary, Rogue Real Estate Sales & Property Management is your #1 management company because we offer you reliability, convenience, cost-efficiency, professionalism, and most importantly, high-quality services. We’ll help you to maximize your return on investment with ease.


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