About Rogue Referral Network

Rogue Referral Network was created to provide Oregon licensed Brokers the opportunity to earn referral commissions from clients they refer to other active licensees.

Joining Rogue Referral Network gives Brokers the ability to maintain their active license status with the Oregon Real Estate Agency without incurring the cost of joining a Realtor Association or subscribing to a Multiple Listing Service. Becoming a Rogue Referral Agent will allow Brokers to earn a referral commission by referring a client interested in buying, selling, or leasing real estate in Oregon or Washington.

The Rogue Referral Network is great for newly licensed Brokers who want to activate their licenses and earn commissions while maintaining their current careers.

We also provide experienced Brokers, that may want to retire or just take a break from their full-time real estate career, the opportunity to continue earning income by referring clients to full-time Brokers.

Key Benefits

  • Earn real estate referral commissions without committing the time and incurring the expense of joining a full-service Brokerage.
  • Maintain your active Oregon real estate license without having to pay Realtor Association, MLS, or monthly Brokerage fees.
  • Generate income by referring your family, friends, and co-workers interested in buying or selling real estate.
  • Referral commissions will be direct-deposited into your bank account within two business days of funds being received by Rogue Referral Network.

When joining Rogue Referral Network, your licensed real estate activity is limited to referrals only. Referral Agents are not permitted to directly represent clients looking to buy, sell, or lease real estate.

Become a Referral Agent

To join the Rogue Referral Network, you must be a licensed Broker or licensed Principal Broker with the Oregon Real Estate Agency. You can submit your information via the form below and our Managing Principal Broker will contact you. Once approved to join our referral network, we will transfer your license to Rogue Referal Network through the State of Oregon eLicense system. If you are transferring your license from a current Oregon real estate firm, you may want to contact your current principal broker to let them know you will be transferring your license. If you are not actively licensed, you will need to contact the Oregon Real Estate Agency to determine what may be needed to complete the transfer to Rogue Referral Network.

Refer a Client

To refer a client, complete the following referral agreement form. The receiving broker will pay the referral fee to Rogue Referral Network within 3 days of the Receiving Broker’s receipt of commission on the transaction involving the referred client and receipt and clearing of the transaction commission.

To refer a client, send an email to [email protected] including the client’s contact information, if they are looking to buy or sell, and some general information about their specific needs. Someone will follow-up with you once the referral is received.

Fees & Commissions

Rogue Referral Network does not charge any monthly fees to associate your license with our referral network. This will allow you to maintain your active Oregon real estate license without having to pay Realtor Association, MLS, or monthly Brokerage fees. All Rogue Referral Agents earn 75% of the referral commissions earned. There is a one time $50 set up fee to join the Rogue Referral Network.

Licensing Fees

Referral Agents will need to obtain and maintain an active Oregon Real Estate Broker or Principal Broker license to join our network. The cost to obtain your license would be paid to the Oregon Real Estate Agency and your chosen continuing education provider. Visit the links below for more information on obtaining your license and enrolling in licensing and continuing education.

Oregon Real Estate Agency – Licensing

OnlineEd – Online Education for Real Estate

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